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Experiment, Discover, Practice

From 1x1x1 to whatever size your device can handle: give it a try!

Careful! Work your way up from smaller RAVELs: 50x50x50 froze my machine and required a reboot!

Works In Progress

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Compete: Can you solve in fewer moves?

Everyone gets the same shuffle

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You can help:
  • Inspire
  • Motivate
  • Grow & Sustain.
Thank you so much!

Go to the RAVEL forum for:

  • Solution Algorithms & Tips
  • Theory
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Q: How difficult is RAVEL?

A: Quite-a-bit easier than Rubik's Cube, but still challenging. Like Rubik's Cube, it's harder to put the last several qubies in place. Larger RAVELs take longer to solve, otherwise about the same difficulty.

Q: I've discovered an interesting observation or solution trick. How can I share it?

A: Great! We'd love to see it. Go to our partner site RAVEL Forum and post your discovery in "Solution Algorithms & Tips".

Q: I can't access my RAVELs-in-progress on a different device: what's up?

A: RAVEL works-in-progress (W.I.P) are stored in your computer's sandboxed hard-drive area. This is so you can access your W.I.P. RAVELs without having an account on RAVEL's server. In the future, logged-in account holders will be able to access their RAVELs across devices.

Q:Got anything more challenging?

A: Really? I admire your enthusiam! I will soon start two RAVEL variants witch I'm sure will be much more difficult.
The first, RAVEL Slice, you slide a layer instead of a row or column.
The second, RAVEL Shear, you slide a portion relative to the remainder.
[todo: illustrations here]